Developing young careerists in the security industry

Growing numbers of young professionals are entering the security industry as a first career. To meet the demands of these emerging careerists, ASIS International, the preeminent organization for security professionals worldwide, established the Young Professionals group in 2010.

Education, networking, and mentoring form the core of the group's activities, with a goal of developing confident, competent future security leaders. Among the tools used to accomplish this mission are interactive online and in-person forums that offer members new to security access to critical new knowledge and to a network of experienced security practitioners.

The Young Professionals group leverages the depth and reach of ASIS to develop and deliver a host of resources—each one designed specifically to meet the needs of young security careerists.


Leadership and Structure
The Young Professionals group is governed by a Task Force consisting of a chair and a committee of members. The Task Force works closely with a network of young professional liaisons at the local ASIS chapter level to ensure that the group's initiatives are topical and timely.

A young professional is typically defined as an ASIS member who is less than 40 years of age or who has spent fewer than five years in the security profession. The group encourages and welcomes the participation of security practitioners who have an interest in supporting the growth and advancement of young careerists, regardless of age or experience.

Compelling Education
Acquire the knowledge and information required to plan for and achieve your career goals by attending customized educational forums. Special program tracks at the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits and regional meetings, as well as webinar presentations, deliver a combination of professional and technology-oriented intelligence.

Productive Networking
One of the most powerful means of career advancement is networking. Be strategic in your growth and position yourself in the right places at the right times. Build and strengthen your professional network by meeting with other young professionals and respected senior security executives at a host of events—online and face-to-face.

Distinctive Mentoring
Through a mentoring program, embrace and leverage the professional know-ledge and insights of others gained over the course of a career to move forward in yours. Connect with experienced security industry leaders from diverse backgrounds who possess a broad spectrum of expertise.

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